George Washington


Early Life

George was born on February 22, l732 in Virginia. He was home schooled most of his life.

He moved to the Ferry Farm in 1739. The Ferry Farm was where George grew tobacco and made flour. George loved to go fox hunting. George's life was very hard for him because everyone kept dying.

Family Life

Did you know that George Washington had a half-brother? His name was Lawrence, he died from a deadly disease at age of 34. George married Martha Dandridge Curtis on January 6, 1759. George had two stepchildren Patsy and Jackie. In George's family, life was still very hard for him because everyone continued dying in his family life.

Major Accomplishments

George won the Revolutionary War against Great Britain. George never got shot in any of the wars that he was in. George became the first president after the American Revolutionary war. George was president at the Philadelphia convention for the drafting of the United States constitution.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that the state of Wisconsin is named after George Washington? When George was growing up he was the best horsemen in Virginia. When George had time, he danced for fun. When George became president he only had one real tooth left. The rest were made of wood.