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An Instant Replay of the Last Month of School

Our Month in Review

We have been working hard in our classroom over the past month. The students are continuing to impress us with their work ethic and effort in all areas. Here is what we have been working on.

In reading, we are continuing to fine tune our higher level comprehension skills. We have looked at asking questions while we read and learned that readers who ask questions are really thinking about what they are reading, which is our goal as a reader. When your child is reading at home, be sure to either ask him/her questions, or encourage him/her to reflect upon what was just read. We have since moved on making connections to what we read. Making connections is a skill that your child has been working on since first grade. However in fourth grade, we are discussing the difference between strong and weak connections. In fourth grade, connections should be based on strong themes in the book and also include an explanation on why the connection was made. The students enjoyed making connections between different Creation stories from Wisconsin Native American tribes this week.

In writing,

In math, we have been working hard on fractions. This module, the students are expected to be able to compare fractions by creating a common denominator and accurately adding fractions. We also are dappling a bit in geography by looking at angles, turns, and using protractors accurately. We will assess Module 5 on Wednesday. In module 6, we will be looking at multiplication and division using comparison models. We will also be relating division to subtraction. We will finish the module by looking at mixed numbers and fractions.

In social studies, we have finished our unit on Wisconsin State Symbols and have moved on into Early People of Wisconsin. We are learning about the Native American tribes that reside in Wisconsin and exploring their history, traditions, and life today. The students are excited to start research projects on specific tribes and teach their classmates through their presentations. This unit has tied nicely to a Native American theme that we have been working through in our shared reading time. The students have really enjoyed getting to read legends of the Native Americans both in Wisconsin and in the USA.

Friendly Reminders