What do you like about 6th grade?

What was your favorite thing about your first day at Maury?

Who was your favorite teacher and your favorite activity that the school did?

Maury middle school is a school from 6th-8th grade. I asked a fellow 6th grader Sierra Parrish about what she liked about 6th grade and this is what she said "I like Maury because it is fun,and her friends" I asked her who her favorite teacher was and she said "Mr.Bales he was the most funniest teacher ever!" What I liked about 6th grade was proably the challenges they gave us I also liked the teachers and staff they are very nice,and loving. My favorite teachers have to be Mr Bales,Mrs Cobble,and Mrs Willis. My favorite activity would have to be the dances because the teachers and staff know how to throw a dance! :) however we have bullying problems a little but not really. So what do you like about 6th grade? :)
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