Spanish 2 - Week 4 Update

Sra. Odom - Fall 2016

This week:

By now, students should be done with ALL assignments through Unit 2 Lesson 3. If not, they should catch up ASAP and those are first priority! Students should NOT skip ANY assignments. They should follow the Schedule of Assignments from the beginning to complete ALL assignments listed, in order. The following assignments are due this week:

  • **Unidad 2 - Required Live Class** - (done last week or this week)

  • Lección 4

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

    • _____ Escuchar

    • _____ Escribir

  • Lección 5

    • _____ Práctica de Vocabulario

    • _____ Práctica de Gramática

  • Lección 6

    • _____ Actividad Cultural

    • _____ Proyecto Final

    • _____ Update your eLinguaFolio & Reflect

***The first progress reports will be completed/submitted this week. Some 0s have already been inputted and more will be for missing work that is past due. The progress reports are made available to ELAs/schools and ELAs are responsible for distributing them to students/parents.***

(If you are an ELA and you do not know how to access them, please email me and let me know.)

(If you are a parent and you do not get a progress report by the end of the week, please email me and let me know.)

This week, students will start learning a new verb tense - the preterite tense! This is one of the past tenses in Spanish and will be used from this point for the remainder of the course and in any future language use. It's critical that students have a solid foundation of how to conjugate verbs before moving forward. If you/your student(s) do not, please let me know so that I can set up one-on-one tutoring with you/him/her!

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This week's RLC Schedule:

Unit 1 (Truly the last one - sorry, I thought last week's was)

  • Wed, 9/21 @ 9 pm

Unit 2

  • Mon, 9/19 @ 2 pm
  • Mon, 9/19 @ 7 pm
  • Wed, 9/21 @ 5 pm

Notes on Assignments and Grading

Hopefully by now, you are getting more accustomed to the way that Canvas works (if you weren't already). Here are some notes about assignments, grading, rubrics & feedback that may answer some of your questions and/or are friendly reminders.

  • Students should complete the assignments listed on the "Schedule of Assignments" only. If they haven't printed this out, they should do so asap to use as their agenda/check-off list. It's in the Course Documents section of the Quick Links on the homepage, as well as in my welcome announcement (and some subsequent announcements).
  • Students need to complete *all* assignments, in order, and on time (according to the schedule of assignments). There is *no* reason not to complete an assignment. If they are having issues completing/submitting an assignment, let me know asap, so I can help identify/fix the issue and/or provide an alternative.
  • Assignments are to be completed in their individual assignment pages, not through messages or email.
  • They should read the directions for each assignment carefully. For some, you have multiple attempts; others just one. For some, they have to earn a certain score before they'll be able to move forward.
  • Assignments are due weekly on Friday by midnight.
  • They are not to open a quiz, test, or auto-graded assignment until they are ready to complete it. They cannot save it and come back to it. It must be completed in one sitting and you must not click outside of the page. - If they do any of these things, it may lock them out of it/freeze.
  • All assignments are graded according to proficiency using the grading rubrics in the "Grading Rubrics" folder in the Course Documents section. Please familiarize yourself with these and feel free to refer back to them when/as needed. Knowing how they are graded should help them get the best grade (and the highest proficiency level) possible. Let me know if you have any questions on this.
  • I always provide feedback detailing what they did incorrectly and/or their demonstrated proficiency level on an assignment. If you ever have questions on the feedback that I provide and/or need additional information/help, please let me know!
  • They should get into the habit of checking your grades and feedback daily! To do this, click on "Grades" in the left-hand sidebar. You are encouraged to do this too!
  • Different assignments are worth different weights. Participation is 10%, Reading and Writing is 15%, Speaking and Listening is 15%, Cultural Activities are 15%, Quizzes are 20% and Final Projects are 25%
  • The final course grade is made up of 37.5% Quarter 1, 37.5% Quarter 2, and 25% Final Exam/Project Average.

If you have questions on any of this or anything related to assignments, grades, feedback, rubrics, etc., please don't hesitate to let me know!

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Students who need help

Students are required to attend Required Live Classes throughout the course (at least one per unit/module), which is a virtual classroom environment that allows for complete interaction with the teacher and other students. As such, questions are often answered in these sessions. However, if/when a student needs additional help, he/she should first ask me, the teacher. If I'm not available and it's a quick question, he/should should take advantage of the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center's Quick Questions. If more serious content tutoring/remediation is needed, the student/s can request one-on-one tutoring with me and/or a peer tutor. If a student is weary, nervous, and/or conscientious about taking the class online, he/she can request a Virtual Buddy from the NCVPS Peer Tutoring Center for moral support, technical assistance, and more. See the video below for complete details on the PTC (information is located in the course as well).
Do your computers meet the NCVPS Tech. Requirements?

Click here to see the most up-to-date list. Please note that students should have a headset w/ microphone OR a computer with built-in speakers and microphone.

Click here for NCVPS Virtual Support/Help Desk!

The NCVPS Virtual Support Center is available for technical assistance (for which I cannot do/help). They can be reached any time via Help Desk ticket.