Civil Rights "Top Ten"

Willy Solari, Furnish 4

10. Little Rock Central High School: Little Rock, Arkansas

-Fall, 1957

-Little Rock school board voted to integrate schools

-National Guard prevents children from attending schools

-Arkansas governor, Faubus, closed schools for 1958-1959 school year

9. Civil Rights Act of 1964: Washington, District of Colombia

-Overcoming Senate Filibuster

-Congress passes law forbidding discrimination in many areas of life:





-July 1964

-Under Lyndon B. Johnson's Presidency

8. Executive Order 8802: Washington, District of Colombia

-June 1941

-Fair Employment Practices Commission

-Non-discrimination policies in federal hiring

-Under presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

7. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Assassinated: Memphis, Tennessee/

-April 4, 1968/February 21, 1965

-MX was killed prior to giving a speech by several black opponents

-King was killed in a hotel hallway by James Earl Ray

-Assassinations started riots in 125 cities

6. 24th Amendment Passed: Washington, District of Colombia

-January, 1964

-Poll tax is outlawed (Prevented blacks from voting)

-Black voter registration increases

-Candidates start to turn away from white supremacy views in attempt to attract black voters

5. Brown vs. Board of Education: Topeka, Kansas


-Supreme Court reverses Plessy decision

-Ruled public segregation unconstitutional

-Schools are ordered to desegregate "with all deliberate speed"

4. MLK's "I Have A Dream," Speech/March on Washington: Washington, District of Colombia

-Lincoln Memorial

-More than 200,000 Americans marched towards Lincoln Memorial in protest

-August 28, 1963

-Partially credited with passing of "Civil Rights Act" (1964) and the "Voting Rights Act" (1965)

-Called for Civil and Economic Rights for African Americans

3. Montgomery Bus Boycott: Montgomery, Alabama

-Led by Martin Luther King Jr.

-Spurred by the actions of Rosa Parks in 1955

-ended bus segregation

-1955 through 1957

2. Jackie Robinson: Pasadena, California

-UCLA Alum

-Broke Color Barrier with Brooklyn Dodgers

-Spurred further black integration in sports


1. Rosa Parks: Montgomery, Alabama

-Member of NAACP

-Arrested for sitting in "White Only," section of a bus


-Catalyst for Montgomery bus Boycott