The Odyssey

By: Jenny Cech

A Little Overview

Odysseus is a king in Ithaca. He had gone to war but was then taken captive by Kalypso. Twenty years later and he is still not back to his home in Ithaca. After long twenty years, Odysseus finally takes his journey home. We learn how Odysseus mentally changes from the beginning to the end.

In the Beginning


In the beginning of the story, Odysseus was very prideful. In his mind, he was much higher than everybody else. He had a sense of superiority. Instead of being humble and grateful, Odysseus would not leave the Cyclops without receiving some sort of gift. "But I would not give way- and how much better it would have been- not till I saw him, saw what gifts he's give. But, he poured no lovely sight to my companions." Still, after a while, Odysseus had no gift. He began to lie to the cyclops, saying that giving him a gift would make Zeus happy and that he should fear Zeus.


Another word to describe Odysseus is a braggart. When with the Cyclops, he was not hesitant to tell him that he was Odysseus "Raider of all cities" Telling Polythemus who he was caused him and his crew even more trouble. Instead of just leaving, he waned to make sure that everyone knew who he was. if Odysseus had not bragged about besting Polyphemus, the crew would not have gotten into trouble with the gods.


Odysseus' crew were being smart and said that they should leave while they canto get away from the cyclops. They had gotten wheat they had needed and tthey no longer needed to be there. But, Odysseus thought that he was more important than his crew. After all, he is the captain, right? This is just one example of how Odysseus was arrogant. Instead of listening to his men, he thought of himself. Odysseus wanted to stay and meet the cyclops. Unlike a good leader, Odysseus put his wants in front of his crew members.

Change for the Better


As the story continues, the readers start to see a side of Odysseus that they had not seen before. Odysseus is changing from his old personality traits and becoming more sentimental. For once, he shows that he is ok with not being a tough man. "But look, the ghost of my mother came! My mother, dead and gone now... Anticlea- daughter of that great heart Autolycus- whom I had left alive when I sailed for sacred troy. I broke into tears to see her here, but filled with pity, even throbbing with grief." (Book 11 Lines 95-98) Usually Odysseus would not show his emotions, but when he saw his mother again he no longer cared. "Three times I rushed towards he, desperate to hold her, three times she fluttered trough my fingers, sifting away like a shadow." (Book 11 lines 233-237) Also, Odysseus get emotional when he comes home and sees his son, This shows the father-son theme.


Even when the suitors were being cruel and beating him, he still remained patient. "Odysseus only shook his head, containing thoughts of bloddy work, as he moved on." (lines 1231-1232) Before, Odysseus would have fought back. He would have shows him who was smarter and better. This time, he just brushes it off of his shoulder.


Along with being humble comes self restraint. Penelope asked him who he was. He responded by avoiding the question. Odysseus did not want to lie to Penelope, instead he told that Odysseus was on his way home. In the past, he was quick to tell everyone who he was. But this time, even when the suitors hit him, he remained silent.