Thursday is the 1st day of school!

Aug 15, 2023


We are excited to see you Thursday morning. This update is the details you need to know for the first day. Please know we will be out in the halls helping you with lockers and finding your way around. No one is an expert at either of these in the first weeks. During the day, you will tour the school, learn the details of the lunch room, review the student handbook/safety procedures, and practice your locker combination. You can give yourself grace, and you will get it with practice.

Where do I go in the morning?

For the first day of school, all 7th graders will go to the lunchroom (MPR), and all 8th graders will go to the gym between 7:00-8:00 AM. On the wall posters, you find your name and the classroom number you are assigned to go to first. (your 8th-hour advisory). When you get to class, we will have a new copy of your schedule printed on PINK paper. Please know a few schedule changes have been made, so using the pink copy is essential.
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What to wear to school

Just a reminder that students do not wear hats, hoods, or any head covering in school. Midriffs need to be covered, even when students are active (a tucked-in tank can solve the issue) and skirts/shorts need to be past the student's fingertips when walking(leggings can solve that issue).


Please bring your charged Chromebook and the charger with you to school. If you were not issued a Chromebook last year, you can check one out during Language Arts class.


The traffic pattern at Romig takes a little time to learn. Please remember to drive the entire loop and park along the curb, not the outside line. We appreciate you pulling as far forward as possible. We will have four doors for students to access the building in the morning. The main door is open at 7:30, the back door will open at 7:55.

Schedule changes

Please note there will be a handful of schedule changes to balance classes over the next few weeks. This allows us to have more even class sizes so that students have a better experience throughout the year.

Walking/Bike routes - be aware

Students will have sidewalk/crosswalk access using crosswalks to enter our campus. We will have four doors for students to access the building in the morning. The main door is open at 7:14, and the back door will open at 7:55. Bike racks are located by the front door. Please be aware of these routes when dropping off and picking up your students in a vehicle.
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What is the cell phone/game device and earbud/headphone policy?

We have updated our device/phone policy. Students may have their phones out only during lunch in the MPR. This allows students to check for messages during the middle of the day. If you have an urgent issue and need to reach your student outside of those three opportunities, call the main office, and we will relay the information. Students may not have their phones visible during class or in the halls. Students will forfeit their phones for the remainder of the day if it is seen or heard. The only exception will be if the teacher clearly displays the device poster on the door. Even then, devices can only be used for specific instructional purpose. The same applies to earbuds/headphones and any game device.

Free and Reduced Breakfast & Lunch

It is important that students have the opportunity for breakfast and lunch at school. If a family would like assistance paying for lunch/breakfast we will need a completed application. The applications can be done online or on paper.

Come work with us at Romig

Romig has the following open positions. If you know a great candidate, encourage them to contact the office for more information.

JobID 14500: Special Education Teacher Self-Contained Class at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL - Lifeskills

Job ID 11907: Paraprofessional Educator Special Education Resource Secondary at ROMIG MIDDLE SCHOOL

JobID: 15416 - Paraprofessional Educator Special Education Special Programs Secondary - ROMIG

Would you like to sub exclusively at Romig?

Romig is looking for a few super-subs who would like to substitute exclusively at Romig. Substitute pay is $175 daily, and a bachelor's degree is required, and $225 a day with an Alaska Teacher Certification. Don't hesitate to contact the main office for more information. Please pass on the info if you or someone you know is interested.

PE Waivers

In the past, Romig has granted PE waivers to students enrolled in two or more sports and two year-long electives, based on availability, once all students were scheduled. This year Romig has a reduced staff due to ongoing budget decreases resulting in full electives.

In compliance with state policy, the ASD board adopted policy 5040 regarding PE waivers. Once students have been in class for two weeks, we will asses if any PE waives can be granted this semester as we phase over to policy 5040.

ASD’s School Board Policy 5040, focusing on student wellness, requires schools to amend several long-standing procedures. One of those changes involves the practice of permitting waivers for Physical Education. This change aligns with Alaska State Statute AS14.30.360, which requires physical activity at school for K-8 students.

Under the updated Board Policy 5040, all 6th and 7th grade Middle School students must take PE all year; 8th-grade students must take one semester of PE and one semester of Health. No waivers are permitted, which would allow students to opt out of PE/Health.
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