Career Spotlight

Why Would Being a Computer Software Engineer Be great?

With this job, you get 96,600 dollars every year! That's about 11 dollars every hour! The job is also exciting too! Who wouldn't want to make software like Skype and games like The Sim's?! I sure wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to be a computer software engineer! 

Computer Software Engineer!

What do you need to be to be a software engineer?

You will have too be someone who thinks mathmatically and logically. You will also need an undertsnading of what all age groups want. Before that though, you need to earn, at least, your bachelor's degree. You will of had to taken some specific classes too: Physics, Chemestry, Computer Science, Geometry, Algebra, Algebra II, and some other bacic classes. After this, you just need to get highered at a company where computer software engineers are needed like Electronic Arts, Apple, or Seagate!