Intro to Christine Nguyen


I am currently a senior at Sprayberry High School, located in Marietta, GA. My favorite subject is history, specifically European history (which I will also be taking online next semester). I am also taking AP U.S. Government online all year. This is my first year taking classes via GAVS. Sadly, because of my schedule, I have to take three classes online. However, online seems much more relaxed and fitting to my learning style, so I'm really excited for the courses this year!

I'm expecting this class to be just like any other class in life, full of information, interesting and also enjoyable!

The Future

I'm looking forward to being in the medical field as a pediatrician. My dream college would be Stanford, in which I am working very hard to get into. If not Stanford, my top two other choices would be University of Chicago and Columbia University.

Favorite Movies & TV Shows

Favorite Music


Sweater Weather by theneighbourhood

Activities, Goals, Etc.

Looking Forward to a Great Year!

I'm excited to see how this course will turn out. If you guys ever need help, my g-mail is C_Nguyen4@gavirtualschool.org!