Foundations Weekly Update

Mrs. Jennifer's Class


We missed Liam and Josiah today! Hope everyone is on the mend this week! Julianna, Charlotte, and I had a fun and relaxed morning going through our new grammar, and we shared a lot of giggles over our review game with a very uncooperative nickel. I attached a link below so you can see the fun :)

This upcoming week for presentations, let's continue to strive to make each presentation one minute long. An idea to focus on for presentations would be, again, a piece of memory work that you find interesting. Tell us a couple extra facts about that subject! I was thinking it might be helpful for all the moms and dads to see the class's presentations to help during the week. I've linked this week's presentations below. Let me know if the links don't work!!

Have a great week!!

Memory Work

Attached to the title above you'll find a link to a Google Doc of the memory tools we used in class. It has the first 6 weeks on it so you can plan ahead. If you don't already, I would recommend getting a subscription to CC Connected. It is full of amazing resources from seasoned CC parents.