Child labour

Child labour ruins childrens lives

Child labour in Africa

African children have been involved with child labour for a long time. The average age for child labour is between 7-13. Child labour mainly happens because the family of the childrens family is poor and they need money so they send their child into labour for pennies a day! And the conditions in the plant can be so awful that they can die from the gases and other deathly materials they are involved in! There are over 70 million children aged 3-17 involved in child labour in africa!

Child labour in Asia

Child labour in Asia is even more serious than Africa in the sence that there are over 53 million more children in child labour in Asia!! Thats 122 million kids puting their lives in danger and altimately destroying their lives for pennies a day!

Child Labour needs to stop!

There is one good thing about child labour. That is that we can change child labour because we as a whole created child labour by running the prices down and having competition between companies. We can change child labour by only buying free trade products

What I learned about child labour

I learned how big of a problem child labour is because of how many kids are involved and how awful the conditions are.


This is one of the main reasons the earth is in such bad shape, the companies make cell phones to not last that long in order for the companies to make money. By doing this the earth is really running low on resources and half the time a cell phone breaks but the only problem is a very small one and can easily be fixed but companies don't offer to fix that problem, or at least for an expensive amount so it would just be cheaper for them to buy a whole new phone. Over the past 20 years we've used up 60% of the worlds resources, 60%! Why? It's all because of the demand for electronics

Harmful gases

Harmful gases are very serious they can cause cancer! and other serious diseases/sickness! they mainly come from factories' smokestacks and other places. There are a lot of harmful gases that come out of our own city, Hamiltons factories. They can affect people from kilometers. factories also bury gases in the ground and that way it affects our ground water.

What I've learned

I've learned a lot about the environment I've learned how bad gases are and how much we need to stop the companies from releasing terrible gases. I've also learned about electronics and how we've been taking too many resources

How you can help

You can help by not buying too many electronics and stop wasting too many resouces

Google Draw

Google draw Tutorial

google draw is an easy to use program that allows you to create pictures, diagrams, etc. It is a great program for many reason. It is great because it is compatible with many things (since its google) its easy to use, and very functional,

space ship ( link below)

go to shapes click circle, make it into large egg by enlarging it, make it red. create another circle make it gold put it onto the top area of the egg. create another circle this one smaller than the gold circle put it in the middle of the gold circle, and keep it the default blue colour. next create a triangle put it on its side make it gold and put it on the bottom left of egg clcik order and bring it back. copy last triangle paste it and make it the mirrored angle and put it on the left of egg also gold also bring it back. now make a square and make it so thin it is like a line and put it on the top of the egg. now create a small gold circle that goes on top of black line.

now highlight the whole ship, click on the arrange bar and click on group. now copy the space ship, paste it, and colour the whole ship black, arrange it on top of ship and bring it back. now you have your ship


How I used this tool in class.

I used google draw, while learning about the rule of thirds.