Inquisitive Owl Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Gentle Approach for Healing

Millions of people turn to acupuncture as an alternative to relieve from various ailments

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that deals with inserting and manipulating needles into the body in order to restore health and well-being in the patient.

At Inquistive Owl Acupuncture, believes that the disease is an energy imbalance in the body caused by external factors (humidity, cold, bacteria, viruses, etc ...), by internal factors (malfunction of an organ, emotional disturbances, etc.), or a combination of both. By acupuncture help the body to regain health, restoring energy balance.

In the hands of our acupuncturist Jonathan and Aiko, Acupuncture San Francisco, we know that while not a panacea for all medical problems, the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of acute, chronic pain and other diseases is well documented and proven.

The fundamental goal of our therapeutic activity is care for their health and wellness through individual and customized solutions. To do this we apply to our daily work the most modern techniques, a highly qualified team of periodic training measures and a clear commitment to the most current treatment methods.

And of course, we add to all this extensive experience in the fields of health and a large number of satisfied patients. We also provide you with a Superbill - a properly formatted treatment report that may be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. Our fee includes for initial intake - $40, all treatments - $60, Herbal prescription - $20 and all payments done with cash, check, visa or mastercard.

You will find more information on Best Acupuncture San Francisco, the practice and its benefits. If you wish, you may request a quote via our web form or by phone.