4W Times Newspaper Co.

By Ethan O'Neill

About Us

The 4W Times Newspaper Co. Is a very good, hard working, newspaper company that started from a group of kids to a big company. Every worker is proud of what they do and how they do it. We have groups of kids that go from Sports, Fashion, History, and even Art. This is a good company and you should read the articles.

The Group

This is only some of the kids working on it and it is a fine young group. I'll name them from top right: Drew DeStefano, Zach Conway, Michael Stallings, Will Cummings, Ben Borges, Carly Bass, Caitlin Kemalian, Marissa Esposito, Abbey Kotfila, Dylan Grady, Thomas Demaio, Ethan O'Neill, Zach Sutrich, Sarah Burbo, Samantha Madison, Quinn O'Brien, Ellie Durant, Lauren Connolly, Claudie Bellanger, and last Lexi Bean. Those are only some of the multiples of people working on thin company.

What We Use

By Ethan O'Neill

To help us make this newspaper so good, we use multiple sites, templates, and documents and accounts. Here are some: We use Google Drive, Smore.com, Microsoft Word with templates, and many more to come. Than you for reading and hope you keep reading