About Panama

By:Ethan lyng

Panama Canal

The different parts of the canal are at different heights above sea level. Also gated sections called locks raise and lower ships so they can pass from one water level to another. Next the canal has 3 sets of locks. Last so history about the canal panama has had an ocean-to-ocean railroad since 1855 59 years before the Panama Canal opened

Random Facts About Panama

In Panama they speak Spanish (the official language) but other languages you may find are ngabe,bugle,kuna,Embera,Wounaan,Nasotjerdi, and bri bri. Next a Christian holiday in Panama is Epiphany. Next the population is 3,608,431 (2013)( :P not so accurate). Next this is not that important but there are 328 free connection points across panama. They can be accessed at this wed cite (http://Internetparatodos.gov.pa) this connection can be accessed at the following locations. Parks,public gyms,squares,the alters,around government buildings,fire stations,niational police stations, and hospitals.