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Repairing Crashed Chrome

Google Chrome, one of the best browsers. It has a good number of users all around the world. As the title of the article is Repairing Crashed Chrome, this article will suggest some basic but very important points to solve this very common issue.

Follow the given points to solve the problem-

Close the tabs, Apps- Before taking any serious step, a user should first the basic step. The reason behind this issue might be the memory of the device. As everyone knows that tabs opened in the browser cover some space of the memory.

  • To free this, close all the tabs except the tab showing the error. After closing all the tabs, refresh the page.

  • Stop or pause any downloading process.

  • If you are using a mobile phone, close all the running Apps. Refresh the page.

  • The extension is also among the possible reasons. Remove the extensions from the browsers that have no use.

Restart the Chrome- When refreshing the page doesn’t work out, close the browser. Wait a minute, open the same webpage again.

More details about the Chrome-

Restart the Computer- If the problem still exists, restart the computer. After restarting the computer, open the webpage again. If a problem still exists, try the next given points.

Antivirus Program- Virus one of the most common popular team in the world of computers, have the negative effect on the computer. A virus can completely damage the computer. A virus can also be the reason behind this problem. To solve this virus issue, use any antivirus program like Avast antivirus, it will remove the virus from the computer. After removing the virus, a browser might start working properly.

Open a page in the different browser- It might be possible that rather than the problem in the chrome, the problem is with the web page. Open the webpage in a different browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. If the page still does not get open, the problem is with the webpage, a browser is OK. If page opens successful in the different browser, the problem is with the browser. To solve this Uninstall and reinstall the browser again. To know the steps of doing this, go to the last section of the article.

Chrome already running- It might be possible that the chrome is already running in the background. To solve this, simply close the running chrome. If this doesn’t work, force quit the chrome browser. To force quit the browser Google Chrome Customer press

Ctrl, Alt, Delete together and click on the Start task manager option. Under the process option, search for Google Chrome, select it and tap on End process option.

Uninstall- Reinstall the Chrome- To uninstall the chrome, go to the control panel of the browser, click on the option named programs. A list of the programs installed on the computer appears on the screen, select the Chrome browser and click on the remove button given at the bottom of the page. To install it, go to the chromes official website where you visit more browsers

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