6th Grade Newsletter

Fifth Six Weeks

Life as an Otto Bobcat

It's a busy time for our Otto Bobcat 6th grade students. The spring semester is in full swing and students have been busy participating in academic contests, preparing for musical competitions, and continuing to maintain a growth mindset towards their academic success! Many of our students are attending morning and afternoon tutorials and we encourage all our students to continue this dedication to their education. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were all learning to master locker combinations, and in just a few months we will be celebrating the year long accomplishments of our 6th graders. The next few months are sure to bring exciting learning opportunities for OMS Bobcats!

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What's Happening In Class This Six Weeks?

English Language Arts

During the 5th six weeks we will be finishing the unit “Exploring Textual Design” by working on and completing our CAP, Magazine Moguls. The CAP for this unit invites students to take on the role of magazine moguls who are planning to create and publish a one-time school magazine designed to address a wide variety of textual designs and structures.

After spring break we will start our fourth unit “Imagining Other Worlds”. Throughout this end-of-the-year unit, students will read and study the impact setting has on literature that does not take place in our contemporary society. By studying historical fiction and science fiction, students will be able to further their understanding of how settings impact character development and theme.

Specific lessons in this unit include a study of ethical and thorough researching (including MLA citation), the characteristics of historical and science fiction genres, and how to recognize an author’s “what if” considerations that are revealed in their writing. In this unit, students will thoroughly enjoy their literature journey by imagining other worlds!

Math 6 and 6 Honors

This 6 weeks, we will continue to hone our skills on integer work- positive and negative numbers and practicing the rules with all 4 operations. Then, we will put all our skills together and learn to solve equations with equalities and inequalities which should be a good test of everything we have learned this year! As we end the 6 weeks, we will begin our unit on data distribution and ways to record data.

Math Rocks 6

Our rockers are accomplishing so much! We finished linear equations, moved on to a unit on circles, inscribed circles within other polygons, and each student completed a teaching poster to display their knowledge. The group participated in the AMC math contest, both the 8 and 10, as well as their continued participation in the Math Olympiad which concludes March 17th. Our next goal is a unit on data distributions and data displays.


This six weeks we will be analyzing how choices about obtaining, distributing, and transforming resources impact the environment. Students will develop a plan to conserve resources at home, as well as their school, and community.

We will also analyze the relationship between atoms, elements and their place on the periodic table.

We have lots of exciting activities and labs exploring chemical and physical changes, potential and kinetic energy, comparing different types of light bulbs, thermal energy and insulation, and comparing and 'driving' gas, hybrid and electric vehicles!

Social Studies

For the 5th six weeks we will be finishing our Cultures in Transition unit. We will wrap this unit up with the Africa Test and the Cultures in Transition CAP. For the CAP, students will be assigned a country and will do research to find out the demographics about the country and decide based on these demographics if the country is Developing or Industrialized. The next unit that we will be starting will be Conflict and Cooperation. This unit will focus on 20th Century struggles that existed among nations, including World War I and World War II, and on how compromise among nations is essential for creating and maintaining a balance of power. The unit begins with a look at Europe and the effects of the World Wars on global issues, and concludes with recent attempts to break down barriers to trade and to maintain a balance of power. In addition, students will explore the history of communism in Russia and the impact on human rights. Comparisons with the U.S. free enterprise system are inevitable and necessary for student understanding of such a complicated system. Students will be doing a variety of activities in this unit, which will include individual assignments, group work, hands on activities with maps as well as quizzes and a major unit test, followed by an end of the unit project. This is a unit that the students truly enjoy.


During the fifth six weeks we will be finishing our Conflict & Cooperation unit by holding a United Nations World Peace Conference. Students will be representing one side of a current (ongoing) world conflict and presenting the UN with a peace plan. Next, we will be moving into the fourth unit, A World in Transition. In this unit students will look at how the cultures of the world are interdependent, as well as how geography and governments affect the economic development of nations. During this unit we will be reading two historical fiction novels.

Counselor Corner

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