Peek of the Week

Mrs. Cousins' and Ms. Welker's Class

Language Arts

We will be learning how to make predictions. We will be using our background knowledge/schema and clues from the story to predict what will happen next in the story.

Here are some games online that may be fun for children to predict.

  • Phonics/Word Study
Continue to work on handwriting.

These are the strokes we will be teaching the children...

/Cc/-- start at top, pull back and around

/Oo/--start at top, pull back and around

/a/--start at top, pull back, around, up and down

here are other websites for handwriting practice

A cool App for your iphone or ipad

We will start learning when to use a capital letter. I will start expecting all the children to begin their sentences with a capital.

  • Writer's Workshop

We are still working on our personal narrative story. Ask your child what story they are writing about in writer's workshop.

Social Studies

  • Thanksgiving

Storybots song (Thanksgiving)-

They were the Pilgrims song-

Turkey Time song-

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving story

The Mouse on the Mayflower story

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble Turkey Song-


This week, we studied the attributes of 2D and 3D shapes. We created models of 3D shapes and used toothpicks to represent the edges and marshmallows to represent the vertices of the shapes. We also compared 3D shapes to 2D shapes and learned how to draw them! We also reviewed time to the hour and began learning to tell time to the half hour.

Next week, we will continue our study of time to the half hour, and then expand our knowledge of numbers.

Telling Time links:

Hip Hop around the Clock song

(telling time-Fairy godmother episode)

What's the time song

Busy Beaver-what time is it?

Fun songs about Shapes:

Storybots (rhombus)-





3D shapes I know-

Stack, slide, or roll rock song-

Home Challenge:

*Sort and classify household items into shape groups, then have students graph their data and see which shape they have the most of/fewest.

*Go on a shape search and look for shapes around you.

*Make a shape monster or other cool pictures using different types of shapes.

*Shape up your meals and look for different shapes that you eat.

*Make 2D and 3D shape crafts (turn a paper rolls into Pilgrims or Native Americans, sphere into a turkey, a cone into a tee-pee...get falling for shapes!)

*Make smores and identify the shape recipe! (also good with matter too!)

*Use cereal shapes or snack shapes as counters/pawns for board games.

*Draw shapes on concert using sidewalk hopscotch.


This week, we ended our unit of matter with tons of fun experiments. We made raisins magically move in sprite, created liquid layers in a jar, made a gas in a bottle which helped blow up a balloon, and observed gummy bears grow and change their properties of matter!

Next week, we will begin our new unit of! Students will understand the difference between heat, light, and sound energy! We will also be exploring how heat, light, and sound energy is transferred.

Energy Songs/links:

Saving Energy-


Frozen "In summer" song with Olaf


Brainpop light-


Magic School Bus-sound

Magic School Bus-light

Magic School Bus-heat

Matter Song

Brainpop about Matter

Changes in Matter Science Rap song

Adding heat/taking heat away Game:

Home Challenge: (some of these activities are a bit messy!)

*Here is a cool website that has tons of cool experiments that play with matter...

*Mentos explosion- carefully open a 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke and quickly drop several mint mentos in the soda....matter volcano! (outside activity)

* Sort household items into solids and liquids or go on a nature walk and record examples of matter

* Make popsicles, jello, or fruit smoothies and watch the states of matter change over time

* Have a fondue party and melt cheese or chocolate and dip yummy snacks

* Melt an Ice cube-find ways to melt an ice cube quickly

* Save an Ice cube-find ways to prevent the ice cube from melting

* Make pottery or use play dough to change the shape of matter

* Blow bubbles and watch how air helps the bubble keep its shape before popping and releasing air back into our atmosphere

* Make Dr. Seuss's Oobleck

Notes and Reminders

Class Christmas parties are just around the corner. Stay tune for more information coming soon!

Nov. 3-19 Canned Food Drive & Toys for Tots Collection--any donation will help

Nov. 19 Thanksgiving Luncheon for 1st Grade


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