Culturally Responsive in Education

Modeling cultural responsive teaching in society

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Students First!

  • Find ways to incorporate each individual student cultural experience within your lessons.

  • Take time to make sure the each student is recognized for their contributions to your classroom, despite their backgrounds.

Family Matters!

  • Connect with parents and inform them that their opinions, experiences, and contributions matter.
  • Provide support for students and their families during times of hardship and prosperity.

School Factors!

  • Be an advocate of cultural responsiveness within your school district and community.
  • Foster the development of culturally responsive programs in your school and school district.

Majority Values!

  • Be exemplary in all act of cultural responsiveness; encourage those around you to be respectful--- culturally aware--- in their conversations interactions with those of differing cultural backgrounds.
  • Hold yourself and those around you accountable for cultural insensitivity; do not condone actions which aim to insult the practices and customs of other cultures.
Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher

By: Olivia Heitt


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