The climate of Spain


Spain temperature

Spain has a mainly temperature climates.

  • Latitud: influences temperature , which are lower as we go north.
  • Atmosphere pressure.
  • Altitude : causes temperature to fall and precipitacion to increase.
  • Distance from the sea.


  • Oeanic climate: this is climate is the north and north-west of the peninsula. The precipitation is abundant and regular. the temperatures are mild in winter and cool in summer due to the influce of the sea.

  • Mediterranean climate: this is found in the rest of the peninsula , but it varies between different regions. In coastal regions : it is dry in the summer and there is moderate rainfall in spring and autumn. temperature are mild in winter and high in summer. Inland : there is a marked difference between hot summer and cold winters. Semi-arid : temperature are similar th the mediterranean coast.

  • Sub-tropical climate : we find this climate in the canary islands. Temperatures are mild all year round and precipitacion is scarce.

  • High mountain climate : this climate is found in the highest mountain 4ranges. temperatures are lower than in the rest of Spain.

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