Director's Details - Week 18

Classical Conversations of Burien

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible.” 1 Corinthians 9:24¬–25 (KJV)

The first book we read for the Moms' CC Book Club was Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. In our discussion, we all mentioned the imperative "Carry On" and remarked that it would be a worthy call upon us as homeschool parents. I think this time of year it is more relevant than ever. Something about February, mid-winter, making it 3/4 of the way through the year seems to create a time of struggle for me...EVERY YEAR. Many of you have mentioned the same. Thinking of my recent efforts to take up jogging, I experience the same feeling. The first 1/4 of my jog, it feels really had as I struggle to find my pace and control my breathing (just like September in homeschooling) . Then (hopefully), I hit a stride for a while and again about 75% of the way through, I want to be done. However, if I can push on, it's not that much further and if I push a bit, I can finish strong..sometimes even my fastest pace of the run. That's where we are, friends. Carry On! Push through! The end is in sight but we have several weeks of hard work to make it there. The summer break will feel so much sweeter for our efforts over these next months. Praise God that He is our strength in weakness and has equipped us even for these mundane days. You are doing great work in discipling your children and leading them to know Him and make Him known! Carry On, my faithful homeschool friends! Carry on!

Family Presentation: Latvala Family

Nursery: Erin Coulston

Valentine's Day Party - THIS WEEK!

Thanks to Suzanne McGrath and Sheila Hanson for stepping up to plan some fun for us.

Plan to bring valentines to share and a valentines box to collect cards from friends. Also, bring a sweet treat to share. (potluck style)

All children are invited to participate. You may make cards for only your class or make more to share with other friends.

Let's celebrate God's love and the gift of friendship!

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Geography Map Tracing Challenge!

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK TO TURN IN MAPS! Our challenge ends on February 11th. I'll have a final count of maps traced/drawn and funds to donate when we return from "spring" break on February 25.

What? Practice your geography skills by tracing, blob mapping or free hand drawing the world or specific memory work. Bring your work to CC. Mrs. Chang will donate 5 cents for every map turned in. We will donate the final sum to a local charity AND we'll have a party to celebrate our fantastic work!

When? October 29 - February 11

Why? To sharpen our map skills AND to raise money for local international families

**There will be a jar and a folder for tallying maps drawn. Please tally for every 5 cents earned per map and put one corn kernel per 5 cents in the jar. You may submit your maps or keep them. We will also have a map of Africa where we will color in a country for each dollar earned. Please track your own child's progress. If your child is receiving donations from someone besides me, track that with tally marks and corn kernels but keep the funds until I announce that we will be submitting the donation.

Scholarship Fund

I am copying Alison Harter's post from Facebook to share this exciting idea with you:

*Scholarship Fund*

Hey all, Zach and I were talking about registration costs and about our goals for the coming year. One of them is to give more... (that's every year) and to build community. We talked to Lynette about starting a fund to assist those in our CC community that are met with financial hardship with the cost of educating their kids at home. We are going to make the starting contribution in faith - not just so our community is cared for but also as an investment - because He honors obedience. God is so incredible and never fails to provide for his people.

It's a stretch for us every year to pay the registration, tuition, and all the fees as a single income family. Most all of the people in our community are in the same situation. As everyone begins to make arrangements for next year, please prayerfully consider contributing an additional amount to the fund. Lynette has offered to collect it along with any of the checks next week. We love doing life with all of you!

Foundations to Challenge Connections

This week in the timeline, students will sing about Marx publishing the Communist Manifesto. In Challenge III, students will study R.C. Sproul’s introduction to philoso- phy called The Consequences of Ideas. Perhaps no other idea had so many far-reaching consequences in the 20th century than Marx’s idea about communism. Challenge III stu- dents will study his idea in greater depth and see how it affected the communist coun- tries that adopted his ideas. The memory peg this week in Foundations gives them the context in which Marx was writing and prepares them for these future studies.

CC Mamas' Latin

Friday, March 4th, 7pm

Diane Streff's House

We will be studying Latin Alive! Chapters 4 & 5!

“The purpose of education is not the assimilation of facts or the retention of information, but the habituation of the mind and body to will and act in accordance with what one knows.” —David Hicks, Norms & Nobility