We're Hiring!

Advantage Ad Agency. "We help you help others"

We Need People Like You

Advantage Ad Agency needs you to help us help others.

We are looking for a team of marketing researchers to help us get to know our customers better.

We need organized, task oriented people willing to gather and analyze data about consumers' buying habits.

We need people like you!

Job Activities

  • Gather information about consumers for advertising purposes (Humphreys).
  • Analyzing buying patterns of consumers (Humphreys).
  • Analyze demographics of a specific market (Naviance.com).
  • Present information to other advertising executives
  • Researching what media would be most effective at selling a product (Humphreys).
  • Conduct surveys or tests to find out about consumers' habits (Naviance.com).
  • Plan advertising campaigns according to research and budget (Naviance.com).

What We Offer

  • $85,000 Salary (Naviance.com).
  • Paid holidays
  • Large office space - includes windows
  • Free plane tickets for business travels

Abilities Needed

  • Organization
  • Number Sense
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Graphing/ Making Tables Skills
  • Time Management