Where Is Middle Earth?



There are many ways to describe the landscape of Ireland. There is a variety of features like mountains, hills, rivers, canals, and lakes. The citizens speak Irish and pass down many traditions from generation to generation. They read traditional literature, sing popular songs, and watch original movies and television.


Ireland is a European country filled with greenery. Middle Earth has many hills and mountains just like Ireland. Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain in Ireland, standing 1,038 meters tall. ireland has many other peaks including: Cnoc na Peiste, Brandon, Lugnaquilla, Galtymoore, etc. also, in The Hobbit the dwarves want to claim their treasure which is hidden in a castle. Ireland has hundreds of breathtaking castles. These are two strong reasons why Ireland is Middle Earth.

Pictures of Ireland


Why is Ireland Middle Earth?

Ireland is a country with many physical features and aspects. If you spend any time touring the country, you find mountains, little hills here and there, valleys, water, castles, etc. All of these features are included in J.R.R. Tolken's description of Middle Earth.


In the end, I truly believe Ireland is the perfect fit for the description of Middle Earth. All of Tolken's visions for Middle Earth are exactly what Ireland has.