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October 17, 2020

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Daily Health Checks

PLEASE check your child for Covid symptoms before sending or dropping your child off at school! This includes:


Asking your child how they are feeling

Look at their face and eyes! This is the FIRST thing we look at when a child is sent to the nurse. Their little eyes will tell you how they are feeling way before symptoms often begin.

If they do not feel well, PLEASE do not send them to school. They can meet with their teacher virtually. If they feel better later in the morning, bring them on in!

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Daily Mask Check!

If your child is coming to the building, please remember that they must have a face MASK.

Thanks for making sure they have several in their backpacks!

Negley Mission Statement

The mission at Negley Elementary is for students, teachers, and parents to work together to build a foundation of respectful leaders, lifelong learners, and problem solvers.


Ahoy Navigator Parents!

Thank you for your time in meeting with your child's teacher for your parent-teacher conferences. We've had great feedback on the Zoom platform, as it allowed our parents to not have to take off of work and drive to school. Also, if parents forgot, it was easy to just "hop on" and attend! So thank you again for your support.

We are currently at 466 students who are attending Negly "in person". PLEASE go into the Parent Portal and make your selection for the 2nd nine weeks' learning choice. You have until October 30 to make this decision. Then, classes will be set based on the information you provide. If a teacher who is currently a "virtual" teacher has most of her class wanting to return to "in person", then that teacher's class will become an "in person" class. For students in that teacher's class who want to remain virtual, we will move you to a different virtual teacher's class. You can see how important it is that you let me know what your preference is!

Take a look at our House Assembly video! Our House Leaders did an incredible job creating the skits and then performing them!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Captain Crowther

Rock Challenge!

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October Assembly


We will begin collecting NEW SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR for the Hays Clothes Closet on Monday. In person students will bring their new sock and underwear donations to Ms. Rodriguez's classroom to receive a HOUSE POINT!

Virtual students will bring their new sock and underwear donations on Library pickup days - either Monday or Friday. Virtual students will also receive a HOUSE POINT for bringing in donations!

Let the donations begin!

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Holiday Meal Box Sign-Up Households in need of a commodity box and a frozen turkey are invited to sign up and reserve their holiday meal box beginning Monday, October 12th. Only one holiday meal box per qualifying household. Sign up your household at Look for the banner at the top of the homepage. If you would prefer to sign up by phone, you may do so beginning on October 12th at 10:00AM. You may sign up by phone on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:00AM - 4:00PM after October 12th. The last day to sign up will be November 6th.

Learning at home and need lunch? You can get them for FREE at Kyle Elementary or Wallace Middle School

Students who are learning virtually at home can still enjoy breakfast and lunch for FREE. Visit .


PTA News

Negley PTA 2020-2021 Calendar

Join Negley PTA

Last Year's Negley PTA Membership Count: 209
Current Negley PTA Membership Count: 76 and growing

PTA is for everyone - spouses, grandparents, students, staff, and community members too! Sign up the whole family to join Negley PTA online right now from your phone. We need your support this year more than ever to support our students & staff at Negley.

Join Here
—>Hays CISD
—>Laura B. Negley Elementary

Today is the day you can get your Negley Strong shirt! Tie dye. These 100% cotton tees are comfy and true to size. $20

We wanted to recognize this year that though things are different, and some of us will be virtual students and some on-campus, *together* we can be NEGLEY STRONG

Shirts are in stock and will be delivered to your porch within HCISD boundaries. Negley staff can request theirs to be delivered to campus instead (staff only, please).

We also have more Negley House shirts & hoodies in stock for new students or those that just need a new size!

See it all at the store:

Yard sign presale found here:


Join Negley PTA here:

Counselor's Corner - Student grades

Do you have a topic you'd like Ms. Winn to discuss in the Parent Coffee Chat?

Click here!

Question: Have you checked to see how your child is doing academically?

Sometimes as parents we assume that they have this under control, but this new system of logging on, zooming, and completing assignments can be overwhelming, for teachers, for parents, and especially for students. Zoom is specifically tailored for students to not only get face to face contact with their teacher, but also to get help regarding lessons, extra support, enrichment opportunities, and is a great time for students to connect with their classmates. I know it is taxing to be in front of the computer all day, zooming etc… but I promise you, it will pay off, especially when and if your child hits concepts he/she doesn’t know.

If you are curious to how your child is doing academically, please log in to the PARENT PORTAL (PSS)- you will find assignments due, missing assignments, as well as their cumulative average. We don’t want anyone surprised when report cards arrive and they aren’t what is expected! Many students do not understand the concept of “averages”, and they think that “not turning in an assignment” means it just doesn’t count. That M in the gradebook averages into a zero. I will be working with 4thand 5th graders on how to check their own grades during guidance lessons, and how monitor their successes and set goals, but in the meantime, be sure to check out the parent portal so that you are aware of how your child is doing. The link:

Click the graphic to enter, or if you do not have a log in, scroll to the bottom.

Virtual attendance is different than academic grades. Your child may be logging into Schoology, but not completing assignments or they may be on zoom but turning off the camera and doing other things. You may wish to check in with them if you see something in the PSS that alerts you.

Students also have access to a student self-serve portal.

This enables them to take responsibility for their own progress and goal setting. If you would like to access this through your smart phone, go to the app page, and add HaysCISD. Once there, your child, or you, can access links to SSS and PSS easily!

If you are needing assistance with Schoology, please do not hesitate to reach out. Don’t let the first report card be the wake up call!

Counselors are getting ready for in person guidance lessons at school and will continue providing support through Schoology lessons, and through virtual zoom lessons soon! Last year, we had several VERY successful “coffee chats” with parents. With the changing times we would like to continue these chats through ZOOM and offer them at a few different times, to tailor to your needs. However, we need your help! We would like to know the topics that you think would be helpful for a coffee chat, and the best times for you. Please complete the attached form and we hope to have one scheduled in November!

Continue to check the counselor website for updates and information. See you soon and be safe.

To enroll in an social emotional learning (SEL) course for the counselor, which will have a cool virtual counseling office, with books and links etc… see your code below!

NES counseling webpage:

Schoology SEL access codes:




2nd: H9RV-52XF-R4H6Z

3rd: DNQ3-2NXB-SW9HB

4th: 2SQZ-X5F3-XB9FK

5th: FHR7-TT68-V6TW6

“We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.”

-Helen Keller

Michelle Winn



512-268-8501 ext:47050

Recipient of 2010 ADL “Excellence in Education” Award

Recipient of 2018-19 HaysCISD Elementary Counselor Ambassador Award

Negley Elementary School Counseling Website:

Nuggets from Nurse Jill

Join us in knocking out the flu together! Nurses from Health Heroes will be on campus October 23, 2020 giving FREE influenza vaccines to students. Complete your child’s consent form today and let’s #KnockOutFlu. #AttendanceMatters

Please return completed consent forms by October 21, 2020. You may send them with your student or email them to our School

This Flu Clinic is for ALL students ages 4 and up, virtual and in-person. We will be assigned a time that the flu clinic is available. Virtual and in-person students will come at the same time. Masks will be worn by everyone.

Consent forms are attached to this newsletter.

Jill Wenzel, RN, BSN

School Nurse, Negley Elementary

Phone: 512.268.8501

Fax: 512.268.7823


Check out Nurse Jill's Virtual Clinic:

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Library News from Ms. Tierney

Things are going smoothly with library on a cart and Curbside library! Just a few reminders below. Reach out if you have any questions.

This a link to the tutorial that shows how to hold books in Destiny Discover (the online catalog, also on the library website and on Schoology). This way they will be able to choose any book they want from our entire library collection. Books will be quarantined for 72 hours after they are returned to the library to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


For virtual students, library lessons will continue on Schoology each week. “Curbside” library pick up will begin on Monday between 11-1. We will also have Curbside Fridays 3:30-4:30. Returning books will be during Curbside as well. Virtual students put books (up to 5) on hold for pick up. Here’s the link to the tutorial for putting books on hold.

You can always check out the library website for great resources as well. Have a great week and you can always email me if you have any questions,

Library Lessons on Schoology Access Codes by Grade Level:


Kinder: R732-SSNG-752CH

1st: XQ4J-QPZ5-XC57N

2nd: DT27-F4RS-CTPX6

3rd: S5CS-38X9-SVBQP


5th: 3V8X-993T-BSG62

Colleen Tierney


Negley Elementary School

(512) 268-8501 x47009

Negley Library Website

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Important Upcoming Dates to Remember

Please check the calendar often as it will be updated on a weekly basis.


21: Flu Shot permission forms are due today.

23: Crazy Sock Day - wear your crazy socks and send a picture to your teacher if you are virtual!

23: Flu Shot Clinic for students

30: Last day to make a change to the instructional preference for your child - in person or virtual?

30: Storybook Character Day: Dress up as your favortie Story Book Character!


1: Daylight saving time ends

11: Veteran's Day

19: Thanksgiving lunch for students only. Adults can pick up a Thanksgiving lunch at the PAC. More informaiton coming soon.

23-27: Thanksgiving Holiday


21-January 4: Winter Break

Cut-off dates for instructional preference

Below are the cut-off dates for parents to change instructional options for each nine-week grading period.

2nd Nine Weeks = 11/9/20 - 1/29/21

Cut off: 10/30/20

3rd Nine Weeks = 2/1/21 - 4/1/21

Cut off: 1/22/21

4th Nine Weeks = 4/5/21 - 5/28/21

Cut off: 3/22/21

Remember to bring your picture ID - always!

Please remember that ANYTIME you come to school to join your child (other than just dropping off your child at the beginning of the day) you MUST check in at the front office and get your Raptor sticker. To receive a sticker, you must present a photo ID regardless if this is your first time or thousandth time to check in to the school. This is for student safety and for us to know who is on our campus at all times. Thank you for being nice to the front office staff as they enforce this safety measure.

This does not apply to evening activities - just the school day.



These tags are super important for picking up your child at dismissal. Each family has a distinct number - it is your family number. Instead of calling out your child's name for all to hear, we call your family number. Each family will receive 2 cards and 3 round discs that need to be attached to your child's backpack. If you need extras for another adult that may be picking up your child , just let our Receptionist, Ms. Goodman know when she gives you your original. There will be a $1.00 charge for extra cards OR to replace a lost card after this initial pick up. This fee is to help us with replacement materials. So - the first ones are FREE, but later on there will be the small charge.


If you are picking up your child in the car rider line, these tags can hang from your passenger side visor using a rubber band or from your rearview mirror. It makes it easy for us to see and call your number. If you do not have your car tag, you will be asked to drive to the front office and present your ID in order to pick up your child.

If you are walking to the school to pick up your child, you will need to show your tag to your child's teacher OR the teacher on duty. They will check the number on the card with the tag attached to your child's backpack before releasing your student to you.

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Schoology Updates!

Here is your SCHOOLOGY login information:

If you have difficulty logging in after allowing 24 hours for the system to update, please contact Technology Help Desk: (512) 268-7676

Thank you for your patience as we work through this new system.

Use this link for additional instructions: SCHOOLOGY Instructions (English)


Aquí está su información de acceso a la SCHOOLOGY:

Si tiene dificultades para iniciar sesión después de esperar 24 horas para que el sistema se actualice, comuníquese con Technology Help Desk: (512) 268-7676

Gracias por su paciencia mientras trabajamos en este nuevo sistema.

Utilice el enlace para obtener instrucciones adicionales: SCHOOLOGY Instrucciones (en Español)


We are #NegleyProud of our students! If your child is part of an extra curricular activity that has achieved recognition, please email me at: so that we may recognize and celebrate their accomplishments!