Towns and Cities

By:Korey Vaughn

Blacksmiths Shop

A blacksmith uses iron to make horseshoes,hinges,nails and more.A blacksmith makes all tools for the towns.Almost every town had a blacksmith shop.Most of the shops were near a barn.Every shop had really big doors so horses,wagons,and farm equipment could fit through the doors.Also a blacksmith almost always had a fire going so it was steaming hot inside.

The Gristmill

A gristmill is a small building that is beside a little river or creek. It has a water wheel with an axle going into the building. A little bit of the wheel on the outside sticks into the water so the water can catch little sections in the wheel and make it rotate. The grist mill is one of the busiest places in the town because it grinds grain into flour and corn into corn mill which are some of the main sources for food.

General Stores

A general store sold everything you could think of from nails from the blacksmith shop to grain from the grist mill. They were often along rivers so it was easy to get stuff to the river from their store for trade.Most general stores were in a small rural town. They often sale staple foods such as bread and milk. They also sale a big variety of household items. Also some general stores still exist.

Family House

A family house is usually a two story house with a fire place and a kitchen. The kids usually had to share one room. The houses back then did not have in door pluming. They had to go outside to place called an outhouse.

Market Towns

A market town is a place where goods are bought,sold,and traded for goods and services. Families often travel to market towns or villages to sell or trade their harvested crops and livestock.