Room 34 News

December 2015

30 Book Challenge

I am very impressed with all the reading this class is doing! 20 students made the 10 book goal for the first trimester. Next challenge is to reach 20 books by March.

Bakken Museum Field Trip Was a Great Success!

The 4th graders had a blast during our field trip to the Bakken Museum. They got to explore interactive galleries to learn more about magnets and electricity. Thanks to all the parents who were able to chaperone.

Units of Study

Math-we are currently working on multiplying multi-digit numbers. You may see your students using a method unfamiliar to you. Don't worry, when they are ready, they will use the same traditional method we know so well. In the mean time, we are building a deeper understanding of place value and how and why the traditional method works.

Social Studies- We begin our first mini-research project after winter break. We will research the Eastern region of the United States. Students will learn about the climate, geography, and resources of each region. They will also be learning their states and capitals. Look for a study guide and links to online practice games coming home after break.

Fire Safety Poster Contest Winners

2 of the artists were from our class! Congratulations Jessica and Kate!
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Have a great Winter Break. See you in 2016!