Lee's Learners Update

Week of September 15th-19th

3rd and 4th grade Science

This week in Science we have been learning about rocks and the rock cycle. We took a trip outside and went rock hunting. In their Friday backpack you will find the rocks they picked up and labeled, as well as a Geode we broke apart to see what was in a rock. They all loved this activity!


This week we have been learning about mammals, specifically dolphins. The kids have really enjoyed the videos and information they have learned about them. We learned about a dolphin named Winter, who lives in an aquarium in Clearwater, Florida. They learned that this was a true story about Winter.

We discussed how dolphins communicate to each other, what they eat, and that they live in families just like we do. Their families are called pods.

We also learned about directions (north, south, east and west). On Friday's we have what is call Fun Friday's. We do things like cooking that we may not have time for during our regular schedule. We made Movie Mix (and popcorn for those who didn't like the mix) and watched the movie in the afternoon. The kids had a BLAST!

We have tied our learning of mammals into our reading this week and they have enjoyed learning about dolphins. You can view Winter at the below link and learn more about the Clearwater Aquarium.


Here is a video from Youtube that we watched; the kids loved seeing the dolphins talk, swim, and dance.


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