Elementary Teacher

Marisa Schenke Period 7/8

My Carrer

  • I want to be an elementary teacher because I love working with kids and enjoy seeing them learn and grow. I want to put kids on the right path to success early.

Career Details

  • A teacher must be able to teach students basic social and academic skills, enforce rules, meet with parents, observe students, keep students safe, and create clear lessons.
  • Hours for teachers are from about 8 to 3 all year and they have the whole summer off.
  • I would like to work in a suburban school.
  • The potential annual wage for a teacher is $51,380.

Education Needed

  • A Bachelor's degree
  • Teacher certification
  • Experience with student teaching

Skills Required

  • Communication
  • Be able to instruct
  • Need patience
  • Creativity
  • Be an active listener
  • Organization
  • Be able to discipline

Job Outlook

  • Jobs for teachers are expected to grow by 17% by 2020
  • Enrollment for students is expected to grow, so the need for teachers will increase as well.

Related Jobs & Advancement Opportunities

  • Preschool teacher
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Librarian
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Teacher assistant
  • Recreation worker

  • It is possible to get a higher degree and potentially make more money.
  • One could take on a higher position like a principal or superintendent.