Causes of the American Revolution


Introduction to the American Revolution

The American Revolution is a time where America gained their independence from England. Big social events or boycotts that help the American Revolution Spark included the Boston tea party and the Boston Massacre. Economic Acts also angered the colonists, such as the Townshed Acts, and the Coercive Acts ( Intolerable Acts ). I do also think that around this time the colonists were starting to show that they wanted independence from England.

Navigation Acts

The Navigation Acts basically put mercantilism into practice. The Navigation Acts made it where colonists were only allowed to trade with the English, and certain items had to be shipped with in the empire. Another Act called the Sugar Act was also part of the Navigation Act, saying that rum distillers had to buy a more expensive sugar. This all added hatred or resentment to the mother country ( England )

Proclamation line of 1763

The proclamation line was made after the events of the Pontiac rebellion. This line was issued, because the English didn't want to have another war with the Indians, and go into deeper debt. This, as you would think angered the colonists, so the colonists ignored the proclamation line like it never existed.

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was an act that taxed every thing that was printed on paper in the colonies. This was created to help pay off dept from the French and Indian war. To protest this Samuel Adams and the Committees of Correspondence held boycotts. A Stamp Act congress was held to discuss the Stamp Act taxes. The Stamp Act was removed, and replaced with the Declaratory Act. Giving King George the 3 power over legislature.

The Quartering Act

The Quartering Act said that soldiers that wanted to stay in your home, Were allowed to stay, and had to feed, provided a bed, ext. Two major issues the colonists had with this were. One, Taking care of a soldiers was very expensive. Two was that colonists did not like to have to take care of a soldier if he happened to choose your door to bang on. Things called the writs of assistance allowed soldiers to stay in peoples homes.

Townshed Acts

The TownShend Acts put taxes on items such as glass, paper, and more. A group of women who call them selves the Daughters of Liberty boycotted the act by making there own cloth. When this act was repealed in 1770, The British continued to tax tea to show they still had power within the colonies. So the Sons of Liberty led by Samuel Adams attacked tax collectors, They would rip some of there clothes off, then tar and feather them.

Boston Massacre

What happened on March 7, 1770 will always be remembered as the Boston Massacre. Redcoats killed 5 men out of a group of people making fun of the redcoats. Samuel Adams responded to use the Massacre as propaganda in the colonies. Samuel Adams cousin John Adams actually defended the redcoats that attacked the colonists.

Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

The Tea Act said that only the British east company was allowed to sell tea to the colonies. The colonists were still unhappy, because they still have to pay import taxes. The sons of liberty reacted in an event that is today called the Boston tea party.

Coercive Acts ( Intolerable Acts )

The coercive Acts were also called the Intolerable Acts. Four laws enforced as a result of the Intolerable Acts. They made more troops came to the colonies, colonists still payed taxes, Britain still controlled the colonies, and the Boston port was closed. The colonies then started to help out Boston in there time of need, giving them food, water, ext.