What makes me tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/Emotional Intelligence

2nd Period Psychology

By: Sandy Emmanuel Borja

My Personality

When I was just a child I was very energetic, outgoing, and so playful. Then as I got older through time. My personality change from good-to-bad and bad-to-good. I was one of those kids who moves from schools to schools. Always moves away from friends. So that's why I never make much friends and became antisocial, but people do come and talk to me and we have a very long conversation. I just don’t try to make friends because I’ll never know when I will move away again.

That was my personality when I was little, but know I’m in high school. I’m not afraid of making friends anymore, because I know I won’t be moving for awhile until graduation and college. My peers and people around me turned me into a better person. I was socializing again hanging out with friends, beginning motivated, having fun, and I’m finally out of my shell. But that didn't last long. As I became a Junior I receive terrible news, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I became worried, collecting a lot of stress. I was filled with anger, questions, school, college, money, and then became antisocial again. I still spoke to my friends but never hanged out as much. I never gave out hints to anyone what’s the matter. I just kept it in. Put a dead smile on. Then act out like nothing is wrong.

I fought on my own. Until I broke out in tears and my friends starts to understand what I’m going through, eventually I told them my situation, my mother has cancer. They fought with me, and got me motivated. I started to function correctly again. Then I met a girl who I really like she change me the most and made me the happiest man. When I'm with her she somehow just clears my mind.

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My Emotions

Having read about my personality I tend to hide my emotions and expressions from others. I feel very awkward when people comes up and talk to me, or try to help me out. Knowingly I am more of myself at home than in public. I put a smile on my face but I question it sometime if this is actually a real smile. When I'm full of worries I would just go outside take a walk enjoy a landscape view and relax, sometimes sleep outside; or just close my eyes cover my ears and breathe slowly and avoid social contact.

My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

Knowing my situation. I mostly like to help others and understand their needs than my needs. When people try to help me or understand my situation I automatically refuse without a hesitation. I understand they just want to help, though my situation is far worst than anyone I have helped. It also feel weird for me being helped; since I always do the helping.

I often hide my thought and emotional expression by remaining calm, silence, and acting likes it’s a regular day.This might be the areas I need to grow in with. Such as opening up to others and have them really get to know me, but that'll take a while. Since, I never really opened up to someone; maybe just a little, but that's it.