Alabama Red Belly Turtle

Wanted Alive

The Alabama Red-Bellied Turtle lives in Alabama. The Emydidae turtle family, of which the Alabama red bellied turtle belongs is the largest turtle family with over 80 species worldwide. Six genera and 13 species occur in Alabama. The red belly inhabits the fresh to sea/fresh waters of the Mobile Delta in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. The Alabama red belly turtle and related species are often seen sitting on logs. It is found nowhere else in the world. Because they are endangered

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Where to find them

Found in shallow backwaters of freshwater streams, rivers, bays, and bayous in Mobile Bay. They seem to prefer habitats having soft bottoms and extensive beds of aquatic macrophytes, Systematic sampling of major tributaries in coastal Alabama have shown them to be present in major rivers and tributaries of the Mobile Bay, Bayou La Batre, Fowl, Dog, Fish, Magnolia rivers. Specimens have also been recorded from Daphne and Point Clear in the state of Alabama.
Red Belly Turtles Hanging Out