Primary Care Physician

You'll get a treat if you treat a disease! By: Teagan 2 hr

Information about Primary Care Physicians!

  • Primary care physicians diagnose different diseases
  • They treat all different diseases.
  • They are On-Call for 365 days of the year in case of emergencies.
  • They usually work about 6 out of the 7 days of the week.
  • Primary care physicians work in an office and clinic with access to medical diagnostic equipment and laboratories
  • You need to have a bachelors degree and have completed medical school.
  • They get paid from a range of $92,000-$166,000 or more.
  • You need to be able to work well with people.
  • Care includes early intervention
  • They give advise to on preventative health care practices.

Pros and Cons

Pros- 1. The salary is from $92,000-$166,000 2. Get to work with patients. 3. Many job offerings close to home.

Cons- 1. There is a lot of schooling to go through(bachelors degree, pre med, and medical school). 2. You are on-call for 365 days of the year. 3. Sometimes you can work long hours.

Helpful Highschool and College Courses

  • Physical science
  • Biology
  • Advanced biology
  • Chemistry
  • Human anatomy/physiology
  • Foreign language
  • Calculus
  • AP English
  • General Biology with lab
  • General Chemistry with lab

Colleges That I Could Attend For This Career

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Address: Eau Claire, WI 54702-4004


Pros- 1. Tuition is only $8,800 2. They offer internships. 3. For room and board it's $7,300

Cons- 1. They don't have a dance team. 2. To drive home it's a few hours. 3. It's $400 just for books.

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Address:Stevens Point 2100 Main Street


Pros- 1. Tuition is only $7,684 2. Room and Board is only $7,192. 3. It's not a very far commute when I go home.

Cons- 1. There isn't a dance team 2. The cost for books is $500. 3. They don't have medical school there so I would need to go somewhere else too.

Unversity of Saint Thomas

Address: University of St. Thomas 2115 Summit Avenue St. Paul, MN 55105


Pros- 1. There is a dance club there. 2. It's a private school. 3. It has a really good program for this career.

Cons- 1. It would be a really long drive back home. 2. The tuition is $37,264. 3. For other expenses it's $3,825.

Organizations for this Career

Wisconsin Medical Society

330 E. Lakeside Street

PO Box 1109

Madison, WI, 53710-1109

800/762-8975 or 866/442-3800

Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants

563 Carter Court, Suite B

Kimberly, WI, 54136

800/762-8965 or 920/560-5630


Do you want or like to help people? Well if you do, you should become a primary care Physician! If you want to, call 1-800-WECARE to set up an appointment for an interview now! You could get paid from $92,000 to $166,000 or more! You need at least a bachelors degree, a pre medicine degree and a medicine degree. You would need to be able to work in a office and be able to work with people well. Also in this job you will be diagnose and treating a wide variety of diseases and you will give advise on preventative health care practices. Remember call 1-800-WECARE to help out the people in your area!


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