Lafayette School

December 4

Daily COVID Screening Form

There seems to be an uptick in parents forgetting to fill out the COVID form each morning. All this week, we had numerous forms incomplete. Today, we had over 48 families forget to fill out their form.

I know that we are all experiencing COVID fatigue. Please set a daily reminder to help complete this task. When this form is not filled out in time, it negatively impacts the start of your child's school day.

Wellness Day - December 8th

Due to conferences next week, the students will not be meeting with their classroom teachers for virtual afternoons. Instead, the Related Arts team will be hosting two Wellness Days. The Wellness activities are live sessions and include various enrichment activities.

In some cases, your child will need supplies to be able to participate in the Wellness Day activities. Take a few minutes to review the offerings for Tuesday, December 8th by clicking on this link. Then gather the appropriate materials.

On Tuesday afternoon, have your child check their email. The website will be updated with live links for each session.

5th Grade Assembly - Social Media

Thanks to the PTO, the students in the Erezuma/Racine, McPherson/Perinotti, Bane/Dellano, and Damiano/Grobert homerooms participated in a PTO sponsored virtual assembly today. What’s your Brand? by Adam Bananker How Social Media Can Be Helpful and Harmful . The other 5th grade teams will participate in this assembly on Friday, December 11th during the school day. Thank you, PTO for hosting this meaningful assembly.

The assembly touched on the following:

  • How do you represent yourself online?
  • How negative posts or sharing private information about a friend actually affects your brand, not the other person.
  • Be positive during group chats and be the person who stands up to negativity.
  • Understand that friends will make mistakes on social media - be forgiving.
  • Be curious and ask questions instead of "canceling your friendships". i.e., Why did you say that? Do you know what that means?
  • Part of your personal brand should be to be understanding and forgiving.
  • Be your authentic self. Life is not always happy but people tend to only post happy things and great photos. This is not real life.
  • Social media was supposed to be a way to connect with people but it has become a way to show off.
  • Keep your brand real so people connect with you in a positive way.


  • If your child is learning virtually for a day or two, you must still mark them as absent in the Parent Portal. Please place VIRTUAL in the comments section and we will update their attendance accordingly later in the day.
  • No one should be using the LAF Circle for drop off and pick up unless you have been given special permission or it is after 8:45 a.m.
  • Our drop off and pick up at the high school circle is moving very quickly. Please use this area instead of our side streets for drop off and pick up as this is the safest option for everyone.

In the event......

If there is a need for us to all learn virtually, we will continue to implement our current classroom schedules. This will allow all of our related services to continue and it will give our students a little bit of consistency. We will also be LIVE teaching this time and grading students in all areas. Please know that LIVE teaching does not mean that your child's teacher will be talking through the whole class period. This is not effective instruction virtually or in-person.

What you might see:

  • Ten-Fifteen minutes of direct instruction from a teacher
  • Independent practice
  • Teacher setting up small Google Meets/groups
  • Students working independently
  • Online conferencing via chats and or email

It is expected that students attend school and engage in all content areas. We will continue afternoon virtual schedules/expectations. You will receive more specifics from your child's teachers if we move to all virtual learning.

I also wanted to share that although we collaborate on every lesson that is taught to your children there will be, at times, some differences in how they are presented and managed. All students are different as are all teachers. Last spring there was a lot of chatting and comparing of teachers and student work. This caused unnecessary stress on everyone. Everyone's path to teaching and learning is different and may take unexpected turns; your patience and understanding of these paths are appreciated.

The links below will assist you in navigating our digital resources there is also a link to the recording of the November 19th PTO Meeting which provides an overview of these resources.

Holiday Card Fundraiser

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CEF Teacher Tributes

Chatham Education Foundation (CEF) has launched its Holiday Teacher Tributes to honor Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, and Staff. Each donation in the name of an Educator is a thank you that gives back. CEF will deliver a hand-crafted Chocolate Star to Your Honorees with a personal note from you. Teacher Tributes may be ordered by following this link, Chatham Education Foundation: News & Events: Teacher Tributes