About Lexi Loo <3

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About about the artist

Lexi grew up in Waterloo, and then in 6th grade she came to South Winn. She made lots of friends but now her dad wants to move again, but she told him she didn't want to. She has gone to 5 different schools. On June 30th, 2012 Lexis' dad got married:) She is now in 8th grade. She has the best best friend in the world; her name is Amber. They take lots of pictures together. In the future, they want to remember each other. Lexi loves music. Music is like her world. She doesn't think she could live without it!

About me

Name: Lexi Loo

Age: 14

Birthday: Oct 15

Location: Calmar,Iowa

Occupation: Student

Favorite Book: Twilight

Favorite Move: 21 jump street

Favorite Food: Pickles!

Favorite Store: Mall

Favorite Quote: People are like train tracks they come together and then they grow apart and repeat.