Who's behind Revive Seven?

Help us set up the website!

Super Easy & Fun for all Members!

If you've read the newsletter...(If not, READ It NOW!) we are so excited about a new name and a new website. We are putting the finishing touches on everything but need a little help from you to make this a success! I mean, we did create it for all of you...our members.

We need your picture of our team members, an that incluldes you and your Young Living members! Follow these easy steps and send your pictures back to me as quickly as you can. There just might be a few prizes given to the member who sends in pictures first, or sends the most pictures of their team members.

Use the Logo:

Use the logo to the right. Simply save as a pdf and print it on cardstock in color. Make sure you print horizontal in the middle of the page. Then you can draw a 7" circle around the logo and cut it out!

Next Simply Tape a cute colorful stick or straw for a handle. That's it!

We Need Three (3) Horizontal Pictures of Each Team Member

Please use the format above for each member. Include their name, city, state, or country of residence and how long they have been a Young Living member.

Email these to info@reviveseven.com