CSA Lincoln 2nd Grade News


Welcome Back to School!!

Hello everyone I hope you had a relaxing break. I have missed the kiddos very much. I can't wait to see them tomorrow!! It is unbelievable that we have completed half of the school year already. It has been an amazing year so far!

Our Goals

Language Arts

I can review past reading comprehension strategies and use them to improve my understanding.


I can review telling time, fractions, and measurement strategies and use them to improve my understanding.


I can learn about scientist and their methods to do experiments.

Social Studies

I can read fact about great people and apply what I've learned to my writing.

Project Updates

Students will begin the process of generating ideas for their genius interviews. In the next couple of weeks we will be gathering genius' and having students prepare questions to ask. Students will research information to have detailed questions.

Logging into Students Accounts

If you would like to see all the hard work your child does at school you can login to their Google account or their Itslearning account from home. Considering winter is just around the corner this is very important to learn how to get around the Google world. Plus this is a great way to help your child. I'm sure they would love to share what they are learning!

Here is the pattern

first two digits are the child's graduating year (which for 2nd graders is 26)

then their last name and first initial

ended with @students.bcsc.k12.in.us

For example 26brillr@students.bcsc.k12.in.us

Their passwords pattern

Thier six digit student identification plus bcsc

All of the 2nd graders know their regular passwords for the other apps and learning tools but if you need help please feel free to text me on Remind101.

Itslearning login example

username 26brillr

Password 6digit number plus bcsc (605234bcsc)

Rainbow Bank Statements

Remember to login and look at your child's bank statement for the week.

Rainbow Shop

Wow! Last week every student in Mrs. Brill's class earned the right to come to Rainbow Celebration. That is a first ever! This Friday we will be opening the Rainbow Shop for students to purchase items with their Rainbow Money. If you would like to donate to the shop below you will find some suggested items.



small toys

Writing Tablets

Office supplies

healthy snacks individually wrapped