welcome to east

good luck making it through 6th grade

join the best school around

This school is great but you still have to pass so you will need to do some things.Some of the things are to have supplies and to have good dress code also you will need to be organized in most classes and be ready and on time.


The dress code is where you need to have appropriate clothing and the dress code has things like no sleeveless shirts and no holes in jeans above your knee and no bad t-shirts, also you cant wear your in the building but you can wait till hat and pay a dollar.


If you have good behavior then you will be rewarded and have a good time. And if you have all your work turned in then you can go to eagle time also you can earn more stuff but you will have to work hard. In the mean time you will also talk about different things in 6th grade like bulling and fighting also you will have a locker for all your stuff to go in, you will practice opening the locker for you to get your locker open every time.


This is a system for when you be good and you can be in eagle time. The talon tickets and what that is is a piece of paper and you write your name on it so you can go to eagle time and if they get lost someone can find them and give it back to you hopefully.