Influences of Food Choices

By: Shelby Petty

Physical Needs

The most basic reason why we eat is to keep our physical needs in check. We needed fruits, meats, protein, and more to stay alive and survive.

In the beginning, no one, not even in today's world or tomorrow's, was fresh from the womb and new that if you cooked something it had better taste, nutrients, and less germs and illnesses. Later, by accident, a piece of food was cooked and then the lifestyle of cooking your food over a fire was born. So this concurred a huge every day task in their world and ours.

We not only eat to stay alive but to also relieve our hunger. When you eat, the calories in the food are dispersed throughout your body to keep you in tip top shape and have a high health status with a superior energy level. So yes, calories are a good thing if you don't consume a whole lot of them.

Psychological Needs

Food can alter your mood, emotions, and body image. Sometimes athletes, very busy people/ parents know that if you don't eat you aren't you. This is because when you eat good foods you are also giving your brain the nutrients it needs. This doesn't mean good foods in candy and fast food, but more like a garden salad with water and a steak dinner. So once you feed your brain you'll think clearer, your mood will be higher since your brain isn't fogged, and you'll be quite more positive. So that next time you tell yourself that you don't need breakfast that one morning, just remember all of your friends and teachers, up until lunch aren't going to see the real you!

Personal Food Preference

So we all have that, I am so eating this, and ,I don't even want to look at this piece of food anymore, moments everywhere. This can be based off of taste, smell, color, association, and previous favorites. So if you really don't like tomato's then a BLT probably isn't your thing! This is because of previous taste. Now let's say you order some dumplings and they smell like heaven, you'll probably want to devour them at that very moment. This is because if you can associate something with a positive then you'll think of it like everything is good about it. Same the other way. Continuing on, if my vanilla ice-cream at the Wynn Buffet has a greenish tint, I am sending that thing back because my classic vanilla is snow white! This is because we eat with our eyes, and green on my list equals mold or they just tried to give me mint chocolate chip ice cream! So sadly you can decide a favorite and non-favorite over almost any life occurrence.

Food Availability

It may seem silly that some foods aren't served year around but weather and distribution really does take a turn on what you eat! For example, pumpkins are more popular and better in the fall because more of them are sold and wanted and they get to grow in their best conditions during the fallish summerish time! I mentioned sold and wanted, this can also be referred to as supply and demand. If a whole lot of people want pumpkins but there are 80% less pumpkins than average then the prices shoot way up! Now if only 20% of the average customers want pumpkins and there are an abundance of pumpkins they are going to be cheaper than average. So get your pumpkins quick!

Social Settings

Being around people can change the way you eat. If you were at the movies with a bunch of your friends than your more than likely to get popcorn and snacks than you are an actual meal. Now lets take two situations at the same place. You are with your family at McDonald's and you order your normal chicken salad, small Fries, and diet dr.pepper. Now a week later you are on a date and you guys decided to stop at McD's for lunch on the way to the movies. You might get what they get or typically with the ladies a garden salad and a water. This can be not only changed by your friends but your age. A 16 year old worries more about their figure than a 40 year old married woman! Just remember be you no matter the situation.

Society & Culture

Lastly, you eat what ever is in your blood. If you are Hispanic then Tacos, Enchiladas, fajitas are just some of your normal meals, and my favorites! Also the holidays affect what you eat. I am not a big turkey/ ham person but on Thanksgiving that is all I eat! Basically food is one of those it depends who you catch me with, when you catch me, and how busy you catch me to know what I am eating!