Put a stop to it!

Littering affects everyone, so why keep doing it?

Littering affects our everyday lives without you knowing it. Litter affects our water supply, food chain, wildlife, and pollutes our sea. And eventually that all ends up on our plates and in our lungs.
Every day animals get hurt and killed without us realizing it.

Here are some things that has happened to animals because of littering:

  • A fox cub with its head stuck in a dumped wheel hub.
  • A badger cub with a plastic can holder embedded in its neck.
  • A cat that lacerated the foot pad of its paw on some broken glass.
  • A dog with its tongue caught in a discarded can.
  • A cow with its head stuck in a fly-tipped washing machine.
  • A hedgehog that got its head wedged in an empty carrot tin.
  • A seal with fishing net caught around its neck.
  • A dog that cut an artery on a sharp piece of metal.

Only you can help!

Put a stop to littering! Throw your trash away! Pick up trash around your neighborhood! Make a poster! These are all things YOU can do to prevent littering!
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Litter is ugly.

Litter is expensive.

Litter is illegal.

Litter hurts people.

Litter also harms plants and breaks down natural areas.

Litter kills and injures animals.

All of these happen, but litter can be controlled.

What will you do to help protect your environment.