created by: Kerri Pouliot, Executive Team Leader


Welcome to the team! I am so very glad that you are now a member of Team Charming Owls!

This email is to help you get started right off the bat. Please be sure to contact your mentor with any and all questions you have.

You made it! Now what?

  • Get to know your Back office, your resource section is jammed pack with great information
  • Order business cards
  • Create a Facebook fan page. Use your mentor's as a guide
  • Make a list of your friends, family, acquaintances, work associates etc that would LOVE our jewelry or knows someone who would
  • Contact them and start booking parties!

The how to!

Tracking Packages

Go to:

all orders

click on order to be tracked

click on "track"

{Logging into your BO}

To log into your BO follow the following steps:

go to www.origamiowl.com

click "designer login" on the top right corner

enter your Designer ID and password



Origami Owl strives to be set apart from the rest! One of the ways we do this is by our beautiful business cards!

You can order cards at: https://www.flyersdirect.com/origamiowl/?p=select-template&id=1

Please note that it is against our P&P to create your own.

{Creating a Fan Page}

Be sure to check out this video on how to: https://vimeo.com/73182972

Password: oocall


Commissions are posted in the back office under the commissions tab. Our pay period is from sunday-saturday. We get paid weekly on each friday.

Building a team? You will get your override from your team on the 10th of each month! See career plan under resources & ask all the questions you may have!

What's a Webinar??

Weekly webinars

The Nest (our home office) posts training webinars every monday evening! Be sure to check them out, they will be posted in your Back Office newsfeed. There is also a section in the Resources that is full of past webinars!

How to contact your upline!

Your mentor is your GO TO! For any reason you can not reach out to them, you have many more options. As the Leader of Team Charming Owls I am always available to you! If you have yet to be added to the team Facebook group, please reach out & ask to be added. Your upline is in your back office & will differ depending on the level you are at.

My information is listed below.