Effective Collaboration in Schools

Six strategies to promote student learning.

School and Community Relationships

When schools, and community partners work together towards a common goal, student learning is impacted. When school personnel collaborate well, and actively involve and engage the community, together they are able to respond more effectively to the needs of students.

Student and Family Relationships

Positive student and family relationships dramatically impact student learning. Establishing and maintaining positive communication is the key to promoting these essential relationships. Knowing students in a personal way can unlock the door to unbound riches of student achievement. Families serve as partners in the learning of their children.

Classroom Management and Teacher Collaboration

The teacher creates a classroom that is warm and welcoming as a classroom can be considered a second home to a student. The classroom provides comfort and disperses great intellectual stimulation, based on the materials provided and the decorations on the walls. Teachers have the ability to hang up inspirational poster to push students to continue to persevere. The students look forward to coming into their new classroom to see what the new teacher is like, as your classroom is a reflection of you as a teacher.

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