The Marie Murphy Update

4 December 2020 Edition

New Remote Learning Schedule Begins Monday, December 7

Marie Murphy School will begin using a new and improved remote learning schedule beginning Monday, December 7. This schedule will be in place through Friday, January 15. We hope to return to our hybrid schedule on Tuesday, January 19.

Why not just use the hybrid schedule for the next four weeks?

While an argument could be made to maintain consistency by keeping the schedule as is, we ultimately saw these next four weeks of instruction as an opportunity to make improvements in the schedule that we believe will lead to more connection and learning. Additionally, if we have to stay in this remote learning environment beyond January 15, we want the best possible schedule in place for our students.

What does the new schedule offer?

The new remote learning schedule makes some important logistical and educational improvements. These include:

  • Easier to understand - no Group A or Group B designation. All students at the grade level follow the same schedule each day.
  • Consistent start time each day of the week: 8:30 a.m.
  • Longer advisory period (30 minutes)
  • Longer lunch periods (40 minutes)
  • Balanced daily schedule - no more core days & non-core days
  • Longer class periods - 75 minute core classes & 50 minute non-core classes
  • Teacher outreach time four days each week
  • Differentiated outreach time (core versus non-core) at different times allows greater teacher-to-student access (not everyone is competing for the same time)

What happens on January 19?

January 19 is two full weeks after the end of winter break, allowing enough time for families and staff who traveled over the break to return to school after quarantining. Given that window, as well as reviewing the current metrics, our hope is to return to our normal hybrid schedule. We cannot use the new remote schedule when we return as it does not reduce the amount of students in the building (Group A and Group B students) thus not allowing for appropriate social distancing.

We understand that changing the schedule will take a little time to get used to for staff, students, and parents alike. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The teachers and I are excited about the opportunities the new remote schedule provides.

6th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

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7th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

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8th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

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Rethinking Gift Giving During the Pandemic

Every now and then, I come across an article in my professional learning that I think has just as much relevance for parents as it does for educators. This is one of those times. Published on December 3, on, the article examines how the new holiday paradigm as a result of the pandemic is an opportunity to rethink and reset expectations for young gift givers and receivers.

Here is a link to the article on the National Geographic website.

For those of you who dislike all the visual noise of reading articles online, here is a link to the article transposed into a google doc.

SEL Support In New Trier Township

New Trier High School and the Family Action Network (FAN) present numerous outstanding presenters and topics throughout the year. Check out their upcoming events below.