Ms. Zimpelman's Class Newsletter

7th Grade US History II ~ Hornsby MS ~ January/February 2014

Unit Topics for January & February

World War I, the Roarin' Twenties, and Great Depression

This was a busy month for our class. Despite the best efforts of the snow to keep us out of school, we covered units on World War I, the 1920s, and the Great Depression. At the end of each unit, students took a test to demonstrate their knowledge of key objectives and state standards. Students participated in Socratic seminars and structured academic debates, and analyzed war propaganda and newspapers.


What's next?

Our next topic of history will focus on World War II. This topic is the most extensive that we will cover this year, and will be broken up into three units: WWII in Europe, WWII in the Pacific, and the Holocaust. In each of these units, we will focus on developing a larger understanding of the causes and impact of the war. Our class will examine primary documents, war propaganda, and historical images to develop a greater understanding and perspective of the era. Our unit test will be on March 10th, and the final project, a reflection about the Holocaust, will be due March 12th.

Upcoming Field Trip: Holocaust Museum

Monday, March 3rd, 7:30am-4pm

100 Raoul Wallenberg Pl SW

Washington, DC

On Monday, March 3rd, our class will take a field trip the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. This is a school-wide field trip for all seventh graders at Hornsby. An email with more details about the trip will be sent next week. If you interested in chaperoning this field trip, please contact me at

Ms. Zimpelman

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