Identity Theft

How to stop Identity Theft

Secure Password and username

Secure passwords and usernames come along way to stop identity theft.

usernames like your (insert name) 123 do not stop identity theft it is easy and the hacker will most likely try that first of all things

Passwords should be decently hard so they cant get guessed so easy such as 123 or your birth day is not good cause if they want to hack you they probably know your info such as your birth day or your house number or last digits of your phone number. A good password has at least 6-8 characters so it is harder to crack and maybe something not related to you. This is one way to protect you from identity theft.

Protect your Wi-FI network with a password

Make sure your WiFi password is protected with at least a 8 character's because hackers can use your internet to hack the devices connected. The desktop or laptop are most likely the top priority because the cookies that can possibly save your bank password or infect your wifi.

Don't let third party apps on your phone

don't let third party apps on your phone because it is most likely asking you for info you wouldent want to give out such as location call id, who you called, camera, Info from your apps

Have a anti-virus

Anti viruses protect you from viruses that could possible be attached to a file that is free or a file that is downloaded when you enter a ''AD'' web site with chrome it will say something was downloaded and you can instantly stop it or delete it before it is opened.

Be smart on the internet

Dont give any info you wouldn't give to your IRL friends such as your credit card info and password. So just be as protective of your things as you are IRL

Delete your bank statements when you get them

If you delete bank statements from your email if you get hacked the hackers dont your debit card/credit card number and your address.

Don't give your email to third party websites

if you give your email out the third party web sites can send you emails with bad links that can infect your computer so keeping it private id the best

Keep your signature secreat

Don't just sign something if someone asks you always read the paper or file they have supplied when professionals ask for your signature. Giving away your signature to the wrong people mite cause them to take your identity


Don't loss your passport it contains a lot of information on you. The thefts can take your name and attempt to prove it with the passport they forge out of yours and you can loss your identity.

Only keep documents in your wallet that you need

Don't keep everything about you in your wallet maybe a credit card, debit card and ID. If you keep everything inside your wallet you mite loss it and loss everything but if you only have those things you will only have to cancel your credit card.