Summer Launch Success


Happy Friday, my lovely Rockstars! How pumped up are we for Amalfi Coast??? My books arrive today and I can't WAIT for them to get here so I can pore over them with a delicious cup of coffee.

This collection is unlike any we have seen before at C+I! Chantel's vision has always been to be a lifestyle brand and here we are, successfully moving beyond jewelry and offering more in the way of accessories.

That means we have the opportunity to make the most of this launch! Get your network excited! Share some peeks and get loud about this launch! Your excitement will rub off on everyone! Excitement is contagious- so spread it around!

Get those pop-ups on the books. That means you have to ask. In the 2.5 years I have been with C+I, I have had maybe 3 people ask to host. If you want to book pop-ups, you have to be vulnerable and put yourself out there. It isn't easy, I know. But remember, for every 10 "NOs" you will get 1 "YES!" and that YES is so worth it.

Are you with me? I want to celebrate your "NOs!" Yes, that is right. I want to celebrate every NO you get because it means you are closer to a YES! Get scared. Be vulnerable. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. You joined C+I for a reason, boss lady. Now show me what you got! Tell the team who you have asked, and if it is a "NO", it is OK! We will celebrate it, because you did it. You pushed yourself. And you are that much closer to a YES!

RIght now- grab some paper and make a list of every person you know. Mom, aunt, sister, sister's bestie, cousin, teacher, nail lady, eyebrow girl, hairdresser, lady from church, neighbor... Write them all down and then get to asking! We have an amazing hostess program and so much to offer. Be proud of yourself and your business. You are a #girlboss and you CAN do this!

If you're a merchie who has become inactive- now is the perfect time relaunch! If anybody needs some ideas on how to ask, please text me to set up a time to talk: (215)833-6329.

Also, if you are not yet part of our team page, please click HERE to add me on Facebook and I will get you up and running on our page!

Ok, team. Let's get poppin'! Amalfi Coast is HOT and this team is on FIRE!