College Comp & Research Portfolio

Maddie Spath

About Me

My name is Maddie Spath. I'm a senior at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. This is my portfolio containing all of the essays that I have written in College Composition and Research taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. I plan on attending Missouri Western State University in the fall and majoring in Theatre/Cinema with a concentration in Cinema.


College Application Essay

In the College Application Essay, I talk about my experience with volunteering at Camp Rainbow.
College Application Essay Link

"Isn't it Fun at Camp Rainbow?"

Narration Essay

In the Narration Essay, I talk about the value of money and how it has impacted my life.
Narration Essay Link

"Money First, Standards Second"

Analysis Essay

In the Analysis Essay, I analyze the "reality" of reality television with the show Cheerleaders.
Analysis Essay Link

"Change the Channel to RealTV"

Definition Essay

In the Definition Essay, I discuss the use of grades and how grades are doing more harm than good.
Definition Essay Link

"Grades are Failing"

Summary/Response Essay

In the Summary/Response Essay, I talk about the judgments that Millennials are facing and how the judgments wrongly portray this generation.
Summary/Response Essay

"Judged for Being a Millennial"

Argumentative Essay

In the Argumentative Essay, I argue that meat is not a necessary part of our diet.


"Top 5" Lesson

In this "Top 5" Lesson I give my top 5 ways to be successful in Dr. Watkins' College Composition and Research class.

Reflection of Best Piece of Writing

In this video, I talk about my Definition Essay and what I felt that I did well on.

"Did You Know?"

In this greenscreen, I discuss the health benefits of a vegetarian diet.