The Freshwater Biome

About the Freshwater Biome

Lakes, rivers, creeks, and streams are all part of the freshwater biome. All of these bodies of water dump into a marsh area typically from the mouths of rivers. Ditches, gutters, canals, and even puddles can be considerd part of the biome as well. But only if something is using them for survival. An orgianism, plant, or any other living thing must use the body of water as a place to live, drink, eat, or another mean of survival for the body of water to be considered a part of the biome!
Jaguar Hunting Giant Fresh Water Fish (Pirarucu)
The video above shows a Jaguar using the river to catch a giant freshwater fish. Therefore he is getting his food which he needs for survival

Freshwater Ecosystems

Freshwater ecosystems can be divided into two main types, Flowing water and Standing water.

Flowing Water:

*Rivers, Streams, and Creeks

*Organisms have to adapt to the natural flow

*Originate in mountains or hills

Standing Water:

*Lakes and Ponds

*Circulation in the water helps distribute heat, oxygen, and nutrients

*Plankton- is a general term for free floating organism that live in both freshwater and saltwater areas

Bear Catches Salmon at Russian River Falls