Inventions, Medicine & Science


The Tang dynasty had many inventions that made a large impact in the whole eastern area.

One of those inventions was porcelain. Porcelain was waterproof which made it ideal for many objects. They also invented gas cylinders which were used to transport natural gas through bamboo tubes over long distances.

Along with woodblock printing which helped spread Buddhism across China by printing down Buddhist scriptures and charms.

Lastly, an early form of gunpowder was made but was improved in the Song dynasty era.

Medical Achievments

One of the authors in medicine found out that thyroid glands of pigs and sheep could be used to treat Goiters but the extracts were not used until 1890 in the west. Another author found that people who have diabetes have a larger sugar level in their urine than the average amount.


Alchemy played a big role for the Tang dynasty. During the Tang dynasty there were many experiments of alchemy. These experiments concluded with a waterproof and dust repellent that was a type of varnish for Armour, porcelain, fireproof cement for porcelain, and a cream for polishing bronze mirrors.