Cancer Sticks

Trust me........ You will have cancer

Smoking is the number one killer for the past 50 years
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Effects Of A Smoker

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Smoking causes cancer, atherosclerosis, bronchitis, emphysema, and Leukoplakia.


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Atherosclerosis is a disease when your arteries start to harden and also triggers a higher chance of getting a heart attack or even strokes.


Cancer causes your cells to divide at a rapid speed and mutate and grow out of control.
This is a lung that has cancer.



From all the poisons and chemicals a person breathes in when they smoke, this can cause the air sacks in their lungs to lose their elasticity. This causes a person to have extreme difficulty breathing.
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From using chewing tobacco, pre-cancerous sores can form on your gums- looks like a leathery, white patch. Also, you can develop "hairy tongue" from chewing tobacco.
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There are more than 500 poisons in a cigarette. Here are a few.

Acetone- Removes nail polish.

Ammonia- Household cleaner.

Butane- Gas, used in a fluid lighter.

Carbon Monoxide- Poisonous gas.

Cadmium- Used in batteries.

Cresol- Used in making bombs.

Cyanide- Deadly poison; used in making chemical weapons.

DDT (Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane)- A banned insectcide.

Lead- Heavy metal; used to make plumbing and other pipes; poisonous in high doses.

Formaldehyde- Used to preserve dead bodies.

Polonium- Radioactive; very deadly.

Vinyl Chloride- Used in making PVC pipes; known to cause cancer.

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Video Of Man With Hole In His Throat

Steve - Throat Cancer
Unless you want to end up like this man, I suggest you put down that cigarette and pick up on saving you own life.