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OVPELO or as you prefer Optimisation of validation process of EVS learning outcomes, is a project founded by Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership in the youth sector. With the project we aim to create tools that will improve the emploability of EVS volunteers and contribute to the work in the sector on recognition and valorisation of the learning outcomes.

The newsletter has been created to share the main findings and results that has been created. In this part of the newsletter you will find the results of research that has been created and information about the blog. Hope you will enjoy it and we welcome any feedback and invite you for discussion about the employability and EVS.
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OVPELO partnership has implemented a research and prepared literature review on the topic of EVS (European Voluntary Service) and employability. In the following documents you will find some answers on what the employers are looking for, how they would like to have those competences to be valorized, and how the EVS can support the employability of young people. Enjoy reading!

Research report

As partnership we have run research in 7 countries targeting 3 groups of responders: EVS voluteers, organizations involved in the field and other stakeholders, and companies. With this activity we wanted to know what volunteers are learning in their projects that can be useful in their future to get employed. We focused as well on how to present the EVS expereince to the employers.

Literature review

During one of our first meeting we have realized that there is already a lot of things one in the field of employability skills, and what employers are really looking for in their future employees. Since this knowledge is very important for us to create a tools that will contribute to the employability of young volunteers we decided to do the literature review.
In this document you can find a summary of the different research that has been done on the national level in 7 countries, and we have focused on the employability skills. I hope it will be usefull.


Join us on our blog

We are the practicioners of the youth work, working in depth with the EVS project, and a year ago we have decided to create a project called OVPELO, that aims to improve the employability of the EVS volunteers. During the process of the implementation of the project we have faced a lot of interesting questions, analyzing what the employability is, reflecting on the different aspects of the recognition and valorization of learning, and exchanging a lot of best practices and challenges that we see in this field.

A lot of the discussions that we had were interesting enough to motivate us to share them with the wider public, and include other practicioners to contribute. Therefore we have created this blog.

And here comes a video from the meeting in Lorca

OVPELO meeting - Lorca (Created with @Magisto)

OVPELO project

Organizations behind:
  • Younet (Italy)
  • Asociación Cazalla Intercultural (Spain)
  • Semper Avanti (Poland)
  • Koinoniki Anaptyksi Neon / Social Youth Development (Greece)
  • Asociatia Nevo Parudimos (Romania)
  • Pistes Solidaires (France)
  • Association Focus-European center for development (Bulgaria)
If you got this newsletter it means that one of the partners shared with the partnership your contact since they though you might be interested in the project.