Costa Rica

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Landforms and Climate

Costa Rica can be divided into five regions. Caribbean Coastal Plains, The Central Highlands, Central Valley, and the Northern Lowlands. There are also 4 volcanoes, the largest being very active. The climate is very tropical, it has a wet season which goes from April to November. The drier season ranging from December to late March. Annual rainfall is usually between 70 and 40 inches. Temperatures can vary significantly from the lower 60's to the highest 80's. These temperatures stay in the same range year round.


94% of Costa Ricans or as they are sometimes known as "Ticos" identify themselves as white. Most of the people from here are from some sort of Spanish heritage. The widely known religion for this beautiful country is Roman Catholicism. About 80% of the population practices this also. Spanish is the official language here, however they use the language in a slightly different way. When they say the letter "R" it is more relaxed than usual, there are also a few other changes that you will quickly learn on your trip.

Costa Rica, the place to be

Food and Holidays

basic foods you will begin to see everywhere are the bases to most of their dishes also. Which are beans, rice, corn, and cassava. In Costa Rica it is very common to see the natives roasting beef and pork seasoned with different spices, after this they then wrap the meat in banana leaves. Traditional snack foods include empanadas, coconuts, and plantains. If you plan on drinking coffee during your stay you will be using a wire rimmed cloth filter that will be suspended in a wooden frame. They also have a special blend of coffee that they love using so there will be no need to bring your own. Major holidays and celebrations include Independence Day, a live procession which occurs during Easter and Holy week, It is a street show that recreates Bible characters. Another major celebration being the Feast Of The Immaculate Conception. This event celebrates the Virgin Mary without sin.

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Compatibility Score

I gave this country a grade score of a C- because Costa Rica is pretty similar to US, but still pretty different. Again Catholicism is one of the main religions and in the US this is the same, it is very popular. The food is pretty different compared to the US, a little more authentic. And again the official language is Spanish.